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Twistshake Children's Plate with Suction Cup | Click-Mat Mini 31 x 17 cm + Baby Plate on Silicone | BPA | Non-Slip | from 6 Months Grey


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    • Quality assured material: soft and 100% non-toxic silicone
    • Practical lid always included and transforms the plates into a practical container for storing leftovers
    • Easy to clean: dishwasher-safe in the top compartment
    • Can be used with all models of Twistshake plates - 6+M, 6+M divider plates and 6+M deep plates
    • BPA free - a safe and secure product for you and your child.
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    Twistshake Children's Plate with Suction Cup | Click-Mat Mini 31 x 17 cm + Baby Plate on Silicone | BPA | Non-Slip | from 6 Months Grey


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