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About Us

About Us

Our history

Infinity Market is a UK based company founded in the year 2016. Being an international trading business, it utilizes the network to sell competitively priced international brands of FMCG products across categories like personal care, food, beverages, beauty care, consumer health and many more, reaching the customers quickly and efficiently. We build strong relationships with the brands that we supply, and endeavour to secure the best deals so that we can provide the most cost-effective service to our customers.

The company conducts business in accordance with the principle of being Global: “Think globally and act locally”. The customer is always treated at the centre of the strategy. The key strategy is to generate a relationship which is composed of positive involvement and fathom of Consumers requisites on the basis of certitude. The aerial endowment of service, fostering of the environment, social affairs and human resources is the mission of the company.


Certificate & Awards

british chamber of commerce

The British Chambers of Commerce sits at the heart of a unique network of businesses across the UK. Infinity market is one of the certified agency in UK

ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is the title of an ISO standard that outlines the requirements of an organization must maintain in its quality system. Infinity market will achieve ISO 9001 certification shortly.

Key Features

This are our key features

Our Responsibility

Being constantly tuned in with our values, service quality, client satisfaction, transparency and support system, we are always focused on fulfilling our responsibilities by mastering all of these areas.

Our Approach

By including financial management, risk control, growth strategies and 360 degree perspective on fulfilling our client’s demand, we are known for our success to speak for and from itself.

Our Mission/Vision

At Infinity Market, like the name suggests, our vision is to inclusively unfold our services to all the global businesses.Above all, our efforts are centred for domaining the magnificence in everything we do.
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